About us

For over 8 years, we built movie theaters, auditoriums, retail spaces, offices and entertainment complexes throughout Azerbaijan. Our portfolio includes over 65000 sqm of new facilities, additions, expansions and interior upgrades.

SoundBuild LLC is fully licensed competitive construction enterprise in Azerbaijan, where we offer unsurpassed preconstruction capabilities, working with our clients to identify budget issues, maximize schedule and alleviate project challenges long before work begins in the field. We directly employ skilled craft workers and have the ability to self-perform multiple trades including design, architectural and engineering services, demolition, concrete, masonry, steel structuring and interior fit out works.

We never stand still and always relentlessly chase our dream to deliver our best services, we continue to pursuit new and exciting opportunities and will never sacrifice long-term goal for short-term gain.


Our story

Back in 2012 we were invited to a project as a group to perform drywall partition installation where from Canadian project consultant learned what acoustics is and how to achieve an absolute silence within the room. That was the time when we decided to establish what known now as Soundbuild LLC (rebranded from original UMGroup LLC), as we saw enormous shortage of such services in our market. We have achieved a great success since with high quality services for obtainable prices, which encouraged us to continue to serve our customers in the manner we started.